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Student in full graduation regalia at a graduation ceremony

Welcome to real learning, for real change.

Welcome to AV资源, a friendly, warm, welcoming, everyday place of real learning.

Welcome to access, the opening up of opportunity and change that education creates. The chance to find the belonging, support, respect, and connection that you’ve been looking for.

Real learning is hands-on, practice-based, and industry-connected. Real learning is affordable, flexible, supported, and relevant.

Real change is making a difference in people’s lives and in our community. It empowers the individual and collective progress we seek. It’s equity in education and the breaking of expectations that hold us back.

Welcome to making the change you dream of real. Welcome to VCC.

The heart of our brand identity

The Longhouse is a defining feature of Coast Salish society, acting as a center for cultural and communal life. As the community grew, the structure expanded to meet the evolving needs of its members. Like the Longhouse, AV资源is continuously evolving, serving as a place where diverse groups of individuals come together to learn. The Longhouse embodies the very essence of what it means to be part of the AV资源community. Its distinctive shed roof is at the heart of VCC’s brand identity and forms the basis of VCC’s new logo.

Coast Salish indigenous longhouse morphing into  AV资源logo

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Logo and brand guidelines

VCC's logo is the primary visual symbol of the college and should be used in accordance with official brand guidelines.

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